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Adding a New Sunroom or Patio To Your Home

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Adding a New Sunroom or Patio To Your Home

Four Season Sunrooms are a great addition to your home.  They allow you to enjoy the outdoors, while still in the comfort of being inside.  It is a great addition to any home.  Having all glass lets you enjoy the full panoramic views of your yard while not being bothered by the flies, wind or weather.  Adding heat or air conditioning can make it an enjoyable room all year long.  A four season room is just that, it allows you to enjoy all four seasons.  Adding a paddle fan and lighting will make it just the right atmosphere to enjoy anytime.  Also outlets or even a TV can be added for a whole new perspective of enjoyment 12 months of the year.


Three Season Rooms Some people prefer a three season or screen room.  With a screen room you can feel that breeze in your face while enjoying your morning coffee while reading the newspaper or watch the sunset as you are eating dinner.  A three-season room eliminates all the glass, which makes it more affordable, but will still give you a place to enjoy most of the year.  The great thing about Crown Sunrooms and screen rooms is that you can always add windows later if you ever wanted to convert a screen room into a four-season room.

Patio Covers are an insulated roof over top of your patio or deck.  You can still enjoy the outdoors by escaping the heat.  A patio cover can allow you to even enjoy a rainy day as it will protect you from the elements.  They come in 3”, 4” and 6” thick insulated panels to keep the radiant sunlight heat off of you, which in turn will keep you 20 degrees cooler.  It’s like having air conditioning outside.  Patio covers are a great addition to your backyard living.

 Sunsetter Retractable Awnings are a very affordable way to keep you cool in the hot summer days.  You can get a manual crank one or fully motorized with a remote control.  They come in widths of 7’ and go as wide as 20’.  If you need wider we can simply install multiple awnings side by side.  Projections range from 7’ to 11’-8”.  It will protect you from the suns harmful UV and UVA rays.  The best part is, that when you are ready to let the sun in again they retract so easily just by pushing the button on the remote control.  Sunsetter Awnings come with an integral Somfy motor, which is not exposed to the weather so it will last for many years.  Sunsetter retractable awnings come with a 5 -year factory warranty.