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altWhen it's raining or snowing, Icebreaker filters out leaves, pine needles and sand from your gutters!

altMelted snow in the winter, and rainwater in the fall and spring, are properly routed down your downspout so there are no rainwater erosion problems to your landscape!

altIceBreaker’s ice melting technology only needs one heat cable to melt the ice in and on your gutter! Saves on energy!


altYou can harvest the snow with Icebreaker. The debris free melted snow can travel all the way to your rainwater storage tanks!

altNo more gutters being ripped off your home from sliding snow and ice off your roof. Icebreaker is like a ski jump and the snow and ice just slide off leaving your gutters intact.  

altEliminates gutter cleaning and clogs forever!

gutterglove icebreaker

Gutterglove IceBreaker

Fits on: 4" to 5.5" gutters
Length: 5 feet
Width: 5.75"

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