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NJ House Raising An Axis Builders Company

home raising in new jerseyIn New Jersey, house-raising is important in storm damage prevention and provides a major improvement to the living space. NJ House Raising has the expertise in house-raising to help preserve the beautiful homes all along NJ’s coastline. Keep your house well above the next flood.

Hurricane Sandy has changed the way we look at the Jersey Shore for good. Each year there is a 1% chance of another similar storm occurring in our area. Do you want to take that chance? Raising your home greatly increases the likelihood of still having a house after the next big storm to hit our area.

Why Raise Your Home?

• House Raising helps protect your property from possible storm damage
• House Raising preserves neighborhoods and the local community
• House Raising ensures a reasonable premium for your flood insurance
• House Raising raises the value of your home
• House Raising enhances views from your home.
• House Raising adds more space to your home.

Why NJ House Raising?

NJ House Raising is an Axis Builders Company. Axis Builders is NJ’s leader in residential and commercial construction. We will handle the entire project as turn-key with no missing ingredients. Most NJ House Raising Companies only lift your house. Since NJ House Raising is an Axis Builders Company, you get all services taken care of under one roof.

We will take care of all engineering, paperwork, building permits, zoning permit, elevation certificates, exterior stairs, porches and decks, all finishes, landscaping and final inspections. Each of our jobs comes complete with a dedicated project manager that is assigned to your project for the duration.
Call us today for a free no obligation assessment of your home to see if it is a good candidate to lift above flood levels.
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